Pour réussir leur avenir Fournitures scolaires et matériel pédagogique pour les Ecoles, Crèches, Centres de vacances, Education. Rachel Hutchins-Viroux, Jeremy Tranmer Newcastle upon Tyne, NE6 2XX, UK British Library Cataloguing in Publication Data A catalogue record for this book. and s: History and Stylistic Analysis. L’Essor de l’opéra américain des années et historique et analyse stylistique. Rachel Hutchins-Viroux. p.

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Against the backdrop of the visit of a revivalist preacher, this work tells the tale of a pretty young woman of eighteen whose beauty sparks feelings of jealousy and lust among the Elders of her community.

BookOnline – Google Books. In her cxtalogue, she unquestioningly supports and idolizes her husband, and in music, she is melodious and sings in major keys.

Later in his career, Menotti would write many more operas aimed specifically at children, and it does not seem unreasonable to speculate that in so doing, he may have hoped to create a future audience for his art form. The aria is written in classical A-B-A form, and though the aria is in B-flat major, in the A sections, Moore scrupulously avoids As and E-flats in the vocal line, therefore lending the viroud sound of the American West to the aria.

Virgil Thomson, Music with Words: Theatre music must make its point and communicate its emotion at the same moment the action develops. Frequently, it merely sustains a chord or does not play at all, particularly during ensemble or recitative passages. She has far less recitative than the other principal characters and expresses herself almost exclusively in song.


This music is often characterized by its pentatonic or plaintive modal qualities, though it can also be upbeat. For instance, his musical structure communicates the leadership role of the spiteful couple of Elders, Mr. He thus creates, like Floyd, an original idiom. Although he was born in Italy, vuroux trained in the U.

Similarly, in the pivotal scene in which Susannah explains to Sam why she allowed herself to be seduced by Blitch, Floyd sets these phrases very quickly in realistic rhythms of speech, creating a fairly natural effect of a shouted tirade II, 5, ; for excerpt two, click here.

The most prolific and successful opera composer of this group is Carlisle Floyd, whom we shall discuss in greater detail below.

The Growth of American Opera 3 Despite scattered efforts by Americans to compose opera in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, the American public and composers were slow to take to opera.

The presence of professionally trained composers along with a desire, motivated by national pride, to show Europe that the United States was not culturally inferior, led to the search by the s and s for a unique American operatic idiom. Excerpt 9 Agrandir Original jpeg, 32k. He specified that Amahl is to be played by a regular-looking boy; he is no angel, as he is representative of Menotti himself as a child.

Opera had neither captured the interest of the American public, nor was there a repertoire of works by American composers. Musical performances were rare in early America, and the few American composers generally amateurs who tried their hand at this art form attained at best minimal success, their works earning the reputation of pale imitations of European models.

The American Opera Boom of the s and s: History and Stylistic Analysis

Douglas Moore emerged as an operatic composer in the s, and wrote a long series of works, all but one of which are set in America. Most of the work is sparsely orchestrated. In all three of these works, the music serves the drama.


We talk a great deal […] of extending the audience for opera, of making opera commercially more viable in this country. It must come to life for the audience of today and not reek of the museum.


Perhaps even more tellingly, it is also the most widely performed opera by amateur groups catwlogue outgrowth of the s movement. Excerpt 3 Agrandir Original jpeg, 24k. When Susannah finally does sing, the tessitura is low and the melody repetitive, thus showing her depression and lethargy.

Blitch realizes too late that Susannah was telling the truth and tries futilely to convince the Elders of their mistake. Through these and many other instances of similar music, Floyd creates a unique blend of American and post-Romantic sounds.

To learn more about Copies Direct watch this short catalogye video. A Cultural History New Haven: Moore, for example, freely borrows from numerous disparate traditions. For example, in the opening scene, the drunken miner, saloon girls, and the bouncer sing flatted thirds and sevenths I, cstalogue, 7. The two quartets, the four Elders and their wives, often sing in unison, showing that they are of one mind, and often they repeat in chorus what Mr.