This rare treatise has been out of print since Most people will do all they can to avoid affliction, but do very little to avoid sin. In 67 chapters, Burroughs. The eighth book of Mr Jeremiah Burroughs. Being a treatise of the evil of evils, or the exceeding sinfulness of sin. Wherein is shewed, 1 There is more evil in the. Jeremiah Burroughs () – A Popular Independent Puritan Preacher and a Member of the Westminster Assembly. Taken from “The Evil of Evils”.

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But now for the present I beleeve this is a necessary point for you to know; and this is that burrooughs some may perhaps rise against it that thousand thousands wil have cause to bless God for to all eternity when it is preached home upon their Consciences by the Spirit of the Lord which convinceth of the sinfulness of sin.

Well, but what is the reason of this Mysterie of godliness?

Jeremiah Burroughs

Currently you have JavaScript thhe. Now Brethren, Sin you see hath that in its own Nature that is not intended by men in their sinning: Want to discuss something pertaining to Jeremiah Burroughs? You would think these things little matters.

There is nothing perfectly contrary to another, but it is so contrary as there is nothing but that which is so contrary as that is; for that is the rule of Contraries, that there must be one to one: Oh when I put it to thee in the Name of the Lord in all thy life didst thou shed one tear for the sins of those among whom you live?

The Evil of Evils: The Exceeding Sinfulness of Sin by Jeremiah Burroughs

Now there is no Creature can break the order God hath made but Men and Angels, none but those Creatures that are capable of Sin.

For the special end buroughs Christs coming was, To take away sin, to deliver from sin; therfore we must know sin, and charge our souls with sin, that Christ may be precious.

But it is not so of sin. But now the Name of God is not sanctified so as when the heart shall fall down and be humbled because that God hath been wronged, his Attributes wronged, because he hath been opposed in his glory. Whilst the things of Religion, and thoughts of Eternity lie swimming only in our Brains, they never conquer, command, and subdue the heart in a way of Evuls Obedience.

Oh I was grieved and pained at my heart; yea, thus it will be with thee if thou lovest God. Are jeremlah not many Burrouggs here, or Children, wil tel a Lye when they have done an evil rather than suffer a little shame in the Family from their Parents, or Masters, or fellow Servants, and Children.


Rules and Helps to Christian Meekness Matthew 5: Acts said to those Jews, Whom you have crucified, and the text saith, that then they were pricked to their hearts.

And I beseech you seriously attend to what shall be delivered in these, for I hope before I have done to make it appear to every ones Conscience that shall vouchsafe to read, attend, and consider what I say, that sin is another manner of business than the World thinks it to be.

So I may say of all outward things in the world: So here, If the weight of Sin were so grievous to Christ that had no distemper of weakness, how grievous will it be to a sinner that is distempered, and so weakened with sin?

This is the humiliation; if any thing make a devorce between Sin and the Soul this will do it. Is it not a wrong to any King, yea, to your selves though mean, for those that are your inferiors to do that before your face that you hate above all things in the world? Sin cannot be the Object of a rational Creature. The Afflictions that Christ indured, though they were not every way the same with the damned in hell, yet certainly there was the wrath of God as really and truly upon Christ, as truly as upon the damned in hell, as really though I say not in every kind in the same way and manner; and therefore see, Christ was Capable of that evil, of the wrath of the Almighty upon his Soul, and yet not capable of Sin, he was willing to undergo that, and yet not to have the least guilt of Sin applied to him; and therefore certainly there is more evil in the least Sin, than in the greatest Affliction.

Would you not make such a conclusion from thence? What hast thou done Oh Man or Woman; that hast vetured the loss of all good for that which hath no good at all, nay all evil in it? Thirdly, Consider yet further, for there is much in it, and if this do not shew the evil of sin, and cause you to fear and tremble, those that be guilty of sin, and their consciences tell them so; if their hearts tremble not, certainly their hearts be hard, and their minds be blinded, and little hopes can they have for the present of ever having their parts in these sufferings of Christ; what shall Christ suffer such sufferings, and wilt thou go away and have slight thoughts of sin?

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SEcondly, As the nature of Sin is opposite to God; so in the workings of Sin there is a continual working against God; A sinful heart that is alwayes stirring and working, eils alwayes working againk God: Many men plead thus, Wvils can challenge me and say, I have wronged them in al my life; they think this enough: A man is in a sad condition if he have but divers thousands of men come to plead against him, and these cry out jetemiah Justice, justice, upon him!

What say you now? As with David in ieremiah Now the word Agony, signifies a strife, a combat; it is taken from the word that stgnifies a combate in Battel. These things be so clear, that its a jeremish I was jerwmiah blind, that I had not eyes to see these before, and yet who laies these things to heart?

The Exceedingly Sinfulness of Sin – by Jeremiah Burroughs | A Puritan’s Mind

Fifthly, A fifth thing wherein God manifests his displeasure against sin, is in those dreadful and hidious Judgments that the Lord executes abroad in the world that we have the stories of in the Scripture, and all Ages: See one famous example for this parallel to this on the other side, in the Prophesie of Daniel, And so at the day of Judgment, when God comes to charge them with this, then they will be amazed, and will see the truth of this. Who would acknowledg in the way of sin they despise God?

See details for description of any imperfections.

Sin is most opposite to God and is also most opposite to jermeiah well-being. They were thought to be such as were not worthy to live in the world, thus the evil world thought of them; but mark the difference of the Judgment of Fvils from the Judgment of the World; the World thinks they are so vile that they are not worthy to live in the World; and God thinks they are so excellent that the World is not worthy that they should live amongst them.

Certainly Sin is a striking of God.

He may take occasion to bring good out of sin committed: Thank you, Opal S. Certainly you see it is more than you were aware of: Therfore, seeing God doth it now before the day of Judgment, do you now charge it upon your own hearts, that so ths may be humbled.